The following information is according to Shoshone oral history of the Shoshone-Bannock people of Fort Hall, Idaho.

How old was Sacajawea?

Sacajawea was eleven years old when she was captured by enemy tribe of the Shoshone, Mandan-Hidatsa of North Dakota in present day Salmon, Idaho.

How did she become Toussaint Charbonneau’s wife?

Toussaint was a fur trader from Canada who befriended tribal people and learned quickly their ways of life and languages. Sacajawea lived with the agriculture based tribe in North Dakota as a ‘slave’ under one of the chieftain families. Whereas she was later given as a prize for the hand game or ‘bone game’ (a traditional game still played among many tribes today) where Toussaint Charbonneau won her and took her in as his second Indian wife. His other Indian wife was also an enslaved Shoshone woman by the name of Otter woman who was older then Sacajawea.

How old was Sacajawea on Lewis & Clark expedition?

Sacajawea was fourteen years old and recently gave birth to her 1st son, Jean Baptiste before departing with the crew as Toussaint Charbonneau’s wife who would be used as a guide and interpreter. Later they will learn she offers invaluable expertise in teaching the crew how to live off the land with roots, berries and small game.

How many kids did Sacajawea have?

Two. One son, Jean Baptiste and one daughter, Eliza, who died of small pox at (age) and when.

When and how old was Sacajawea when she died?

Shoshone oral stories believe she lived to be 100 years old and resided in Ft Washakie, Wyoming where she passed on and is currently buried (see tombstone image in photo gallery). There is written testimony of a

What happen to Sacajawea after the Lewis & Clark Expedition?

After the completion of the 2 year journey, Sacajawea left her husband, Toussaint Charbonneau to return to her nephew, Basil, who was residing in Ft Washakie with his family. In Indian way, your siblings children are yours to discipline and become yours when parents did not return home. In this case, Sacajawea’s sister passed on and she inherited her nephew as a son. Before departing North Dakota to return home, she and Toussaint agreed Baptiste could leave with William Clark back east for hopes of an education.

Where is Sacajawea buried?

Fort Washakie, Wyoming.

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