My Grandmother, Juanita Teton

My paternal grandmother, Juanita Teton, was my biggest and loyal fan

Juanita was born along a trail somewhere in Nevada while her mother and family were travelling to Fort Hall. She later married Frank Clarence Teton (Bannock) and had twelve children. They resided in Lincoln Creek on the east side of Snake River, a small district of the Fort Hall Reservation in southeastern Idaho.

My grandmother was an avid bead worker and tanned hides with my Grandpa using all that nature provided to make a living. She enjoyed making fully beaded outfits, such as the ones you see me wear, fully beaded horse saddles, coin purses, earrings, and barrettes. When she wasn’t beading or cooking for a large family she enjoyed watching her sons and grandsons part take in the Indian Relay Races and local Rodeo events. My grandmother was a hard worker and even later in her age she got up early and started beading small projects to keep her busy. Her last project was completing a fully beaded horse saddle for local business, Vickers Country Western Store for Bill Vickers, owner and family friend.


Sho-Ban Festival Parade 8/2000. My grandma handmade all three beaded outfits seen here. L-R, Sandy Navo, grandma, Misty Teton, Randy ’L Teton and my uncle Larry Teton (her eldest son) on horse.

For her dedication as a mother, grandmother and lifetime member of Bingham County she was selected by Blackfoot Chamber of Commerce to be the Grand Marshall for the Eastern Idaho State Fair. As well, she has been recognized by local historical societies as a special guest in sharing her rich family history and beading talents. She will forever be in our hearts and we thank her for all she did as a mother, wife, sister, aunt and grandmother.

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